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Skill Pinball

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Skill Pinball.

Game features:

1. Single Night Market Pinball Classic Gameplay:
Put a marble, hit a marble, and put more marbles to increase the number of bonus marbles when winning.

2. Collect a variety of marbles and skill fun:
You can exchange the accumulated number of marbles into color rolls, play the egg machine, and collect various items and skills.

4. Powerful skill system:
In the past, special items or functions will be used at one time. They need to be purchased or otherwise obtained before they can be used. The skills collected in this game will not disappear due to use. They can continue to use skills and only need to concentrate on the beads. When the gas is full, you can use it.

3. Skills development system:
Skills can be upgraded by collecting the repeated skill fragments through the gashapon machine to a certain extent.

4. Free play, game gold coins are sent every day
Send gold coins every day, so that you can not interrupt the game experience, let you play for how long to play.

Skill introduction:

1. Control the marbles - You can swing the phone from side to side to control the direction of the marbles.

2. Splitting marbles - After the marbles are hit, they will split multiple marbles.

3. Multiple marbles - You can play multiple marbles for free in one game.

"Taiwan Night Market Story" I wish you all a fun ~ ^_^

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Skill Pinball.


Developer: qiwugames

Recent changes: 2022 :
08/07 update admod var
2020 :
08/08 fix skill full bug and add cachapon skip
03/06 fix cashapon bug
02/29 fix skill bug
2019 :
09/04 fix bug
08/26 Add description icon
08/25 First Build

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