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Benefits of Online Doctor Consultation
Prompt Medical Attention: Competent online doctor consultation providers gives immediate response. Your Doctor hears your complaint and responds to the situation. Please note that these services should not be called for in situations requiring emergency medical care.
There are no location boundaries for online doctor consultation. You can consult the doctor of your choice irrespective of his or your location, or the day or time
Virtual consultation is when you can see and talk to your doctor through video calls. You can talk to your doctor; hear his advice with a feeling of personal involvement.
Economy is an important part of healthcare. With online consultation you are settled in your own comfort zone sans the travel expenses. Moreover, with all the services provided under one roof including online doctor consultation, diagnostics, and prescription of medication, it would certainly prove economical.
Another major benefit of online consultation is that your medical history and records are stored online for easy future reference. You have access to investigation reports, primary care and even medicines at your home.
With an online consultation, taking a second medical opinion would be very easy. By consulting a doctor who treats with a different approach, it is possible for a patient to get a second opinion in case the first consultation was a physical visit. You can also get a second opinion even if youre satisfied with your first doctors advice, just to be on the safer side.

As modern medicine allows people to live longer, the demand for doctors is expected to rise. However, thanks to technology, there are ways for us to reach our doctor without needing to visit the clinic. With an online consultation from your doctor, you can get the health care you require.
Following are the benefits with our APP :
1. No Need to Travel
Every time you go to visit your doctor, you have to travel to get there. With an online consultation, you dont need to wait for the bus or get gas for your car. You simply go on the internet and begin your consultation. You can speak with your Doctor without needing to move from your seat.
2. Improved ways to check your symptoms
According to some researches , n India People just google rather than visiting a doctor. However Its impossible to stop people from searching the internet for a self-diagnosis.
3. Save Your Money
Are you thinking, This has got to be really expensive!? Thats not true.
Online doctor consultation is an affordable solution to your medical needs.
Because its cheaper to speak with a doctor online, you can afford to see a doctor even if youre not certain.
4. Get Your Prescription
Do you require regular prescriptions for your health condition?
You dont need to a visit a doctor face-to-face to get your prescription. You can play online the prescription from the app any time.
However, you might require an in-person examination if suggested by Doctor.

5. Privacy and Security
With a Digital Clinic, you can be confident that youre using a secure system and server. Your information will always be kept safe and secure. As always, everything you discuss with your doctor online is confidential.
6. Comfortable and Convenient
With an online consultation, you can reach your doctor 24/7, based on the availability of your Doctor.
7. No Risk of Infections From the Doctors Clinic
Its a strange idea that you go to the doctors to get better. After all, youre traveling to a location where lots of people are sick. If youre sitting and waiting for hours for your appointment, you could catch all kinds of diseases.
With your online consultation, theres no risk of catching anything. If your immune system is down, sometimes youre better speaking to a doctor from the safety of your home.
Do you want medical assistance from our Digital Clinic about your symptoms? Sign up for this application.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game ShreshtaClinic.


Developer: Bharath Gande

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