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Nakoda Bhairava is a protective male deity worshipped in Nakoda, a Shwetambar Jain pilgrimage site trtha in western Rajasthan. He is very popular in the Shwetambar community, but also well known among Jains in general. Nakoda Bhairava is famous for his miraculous powers, granting boons and possessing his devotees.

Many Jains do not condone Nakoda Bhairava's popularity and believe that he has nothing to do with Jainism at all. Even so, both lay and ascetic Jains take part in his cult.

The present statue murti of Nakoda Bhairava was created and ceremoniously installed in the temple dedicated to Parsvanath or Lord Parsva in 1934. Nakoda Bhairava is situated next to the temple's main image, Nakoda Parsvanatha. The statue of the 23rd Jina, Nakoda Parsvanatha, is reported to have been discovered underground in 1455 with the help of Nakoda Bhairava.

The main idol is that of Shri Nakoda Parsvanatha. This statue was brought here from the village Nakoda which is near Sinduri., hence the place is called Nakoda Parsvanath temple. But this alone is not the attraction of the temple. The idol of Shri Nakoda Bheruji was installed by Acharya Shri Vijay Himachal Suri who also established idols of other Teerthankars in this temple.

This is a very ancient temple and the construction work has been going over the centuries. This place has become a pilgrimage that people from every religion visits here. The devotees believe that every particle of this wholly pilgrimage of Nakoda is sacred. This is a universal feeling that entry into the place is very pleasing. Elam and tranquility descends upon the visitor. A feeling of Divine bliss is around. This is also believed that who so ever is pays visit here, has his wishes fulfilled.

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