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Shadowplay: Harrowstead Mystery (Hidden Object) play online

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Shadowplay: Harrowstead Mystery (Hidden Object)

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Shadowplay: Harrowstead Mystery (Hidden Object).

Immerse yourself in the dark mystery of the vanished town of Harrowstead in another game from the famed Shadowplay HOPA series.

You begin the game as a part of a group of researchers examining the Harrowestead Mystery. This was an event from a century ago when a nearby mining town just disappeared underground. Yet, one day, one of your friends stumbles onto a trail that might lead to an answer to this mystery - it wakes up something ancient and evil. Yes, the answers are close, but no one understands that they also lead straight to a place that is beyond the most twisted nightmare.

As you rush to find your missing friend, your home town is collapsing all around you. All of that apparently comes from a figure that should not be possible by any law of nature. Can you overcome your oldest fears? Will you stop one more city and all of its inhabitants from becoming the new Harrowstead?


This hidden object puzzle game is filled with immersive and exciting puzzle challenges, all designed in the theme of the game. Each one offers nothing short of rich casual gaming experience.


A town cannot just vanish from the face of the Earth. It is up to you to figure out what truly happened that day.


Help a distressed mother find her missing son in the bonus chapter. Will you use this chance to put an end to an ancient evil once and for all?

The title comes with a Standard Game and Bonus chapter segments, but it will offer even more content that will keep you entertained for hours! Download and start playing for FREE!


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Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Shadowplay: Harrowstead Mystery (Hidden Object).


Developer: Mad Head Games doo Novi Sad

Genre: Puzzle

App version: 1.0.4

App size: 13M

Recent changes: This application is updated regularly to improve its functions and features. The current version includes a range of optimizations and bug fixes designed to improve performance and stability.


Purchased the game and when got to part where you melt the copper for the heart the circle for mold is blank and can not continue. Want refund.

Omg I'm in love with this game. I love the graphics & how the mini games are set up. I've played alot of these types of games, by many different companies, but I think this is my new favorite company! Can't wait to play the rest of their games. I know this is going to cost a little money, if it too much then I might change my mind of how many stars I give. Other than that great job to the creators! Ok so I tried to buy the game, great price by the way, but it won't let me buy it! What gives????

Major disappointment in Mad Head Games. Good story but VERY POOR EXECUTION! This game is clunky and glitchy! Developer needs to choose ether drag & drop OR click & click. Sometimes it takes and sometimes it doesn't. Very precise spots to click or it does not work. At least this game was only $3.99... Mad Head Games used to be great BEFORE THEY GOT GREEDY and charging $5.99-$7.99!

I like the game, graphics, puzzles and story line so far; HOWEVER i am not finding ANY of the achievement morphing items!!??!! I'll stare at one scene for minutes and nothing morphs. Then i just tap every single spot and only once i lucked out and got one. What up with this? I hate not being able to accomplish the achievements like i do in most of your games. Pls help.

The game started out great. Had a great storyline, graphics and colors. Then, once you have to pay to unlock it, the game style changed and the hint function ( and no SKIP option) was so slow to reset (which I was trying to use to speed it up), I finally gave up and uninstalled it.'

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