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This project is a re-write of the Code Red app. It's purpose, is to alert users when their servers are experiencing trouble. It's not just for the techy mind you, but anyone who wants to know if their website has gone down. With this re-write, you can watch multiple sites/servers, check a history of when a site/server has refused connections (presumed down), and set options to make the app as non-intrusive or as chaotic as you'd like.

Knowing when a server/site is down is great for techies and sysadmins, gamers (wow comes to mind), and business owners, who make a living running a web page that provides income. People who run a business from their web site through managed or unmanaged hosting services, know how crucial it is to know when your sites aren't loading. Now you can get notified straight to your android device.

It was a design decision, to have a single interval duration (wait period before checking again) for all the servers/ports in the list. This decision was made to help keep the battery of your device from draining, due to having the application awake and using the Internet at staggered check intervals. I don't have any plans to make this option available (ability to check different servers at different times), mainly due to battery life, but also due to the design reduction of user friendliness of the app.

I may implement the ability to set options per server/site, however, so that one sight may be urgent enough to make tones and vibrate, while other's may only warrant a notification in the notification bar. This has not yet been implement, but design plans are underway.

Please note: I had a user uninstall because this application crashed. This application requires JellyBean, and will not run on anything less than Android 4.2




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