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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Screw Thread Data Calculator.

This thread calculator app provides all data required to machine and measure screw threads to tolerance band selectable from a drop-down menu.

A 'ThreadFinder' option is included which lists parallel threads of all available types which have similar diameter to measured diameter of sample thread. These are listed in order of Pitch/TPI.

Select from various threads including ISO metric 'M', the modified metric 'MJ', Unified 'UN', modified Unified 'UNJ' and British Standard Whitworth form ('BSW', 'BSF', 'BSPP' & 'BSPT') & NPT plus others.

Current version now has BSPP/BSPT variations (G, R, Rc & Rp) and Pg, Metric Fine and BS CONDUIT threads are available. NPS, Dryseal Pipe Threads plus ACME options are currently under development. Note: NPS selection screen and listings are present but calculations are still being worked on.

Standard sizes are selected at a touch from scrolling list. Non-Standard threads can be input from keyboard in any Diameter & Pitch/TPI combination.

LIMITS OF EFFECTIVE DIAMETER (PITCH DIAMETER) are displayed in addition to MEASUREMENT OVER SELECTED WIRE/PIN size. Both are calculated for the selected tolerance band.

All standard tolerance bands are available from drop-down menu and allowance can be made for PLATING or coating thickness with the use of a 'Slider' scale adjustment.

Software calculates the range of acceptable wire/pin sizes and any available pin which is within that calculated allowable range can then be input. The readings calculated give measurements required for screw cutting and screw thread inspection using the 3 WIRE METHOD. Effective/Pitch Diameter tolerances are also output for use with direct measurement methods.

Readings over pins for Internal Threads are provided as 'GO' & 'NO GO' GAUGE sizes which enables the manufacture of temporary soft gauges if necessary.

Final calculations can be held on screen or saved as a .pdf file or output to WIFI printer if correctly set up with print service software on your device. (Contact us for recommended app. - Current favorite seems to be 'Mopria Print Service' which is available in Google Play Store)

Default results are in MILLIMETRES with INCH output as optional selection.

A fully functioning FREE trial version with restricted size range is available for appraisal only. Trial version can be downloaded at:-

The app contains no adverts but does have links to all major THREADING INSERT SUPPLIERS in order to help with sourcing required tools.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Screw Thread Data Calculator.


Developer: Roger Pope

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