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You love being scratched? You have someone (like your girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, dog, or personal slave) who love to scratch you? Unfortunately she's terrible at the job and you must always give her vague informations on where to scratch? UP! DOWN! MORE ON THE LEFT!

No more!

Introducing: scratchme!
With its beautiful HD 5th Generation graphics and great flat-enhanced design, scratchme allows you to pinpoint exactly where you wanted to be scratched.
Install the app on your phone or tablet, then install it on the device of your slave loved one. The app will connect the two devices with bluetooth, then you can simply touch the screen to indicate where you want to be scratched.

Good scratching!

Frequently Asked Questions:

-Will this app make me happier?
According to the eminent Dr. Rastapopulos of the famous Polytechnic University of High Science of Zimbabwe, using this app while getting scratched increase the amount of endorphin secreted by at least 516%, and ocytocin by 256%. Professor J.C Van Damm found out that it also double the production of pectin, which help staying fit.

- What happens if I'm not satisfied by the app?
There is absolutely no reason you won't be satisfied, but, if it were to be the case, we will reimburse you 3 times the sum you paid for this free app.

- Will this app make me more attractive ?
Definitely. Scratchme users are 56% more attractive than average people. Science still isn't sure of why it is so, but numbers don't lie.

-Will this app help make peace in the Middle-East?
Well, scholars have recently found out a 5000 year old prophecy on a fax found in Tutankhamen tomb. On it, is written a simple and solemn text: "When the Scratchme App will have been downloaded one million time from the Google Play Store, there will be peace in the Middle-East. Also, a new recipe for French fries that don't make you fat will be discovered".
So if you want to be a part of the solution to the Middle-East conflict, you better play online the app now

-Will this app make my girlfriend come back with me?
Sorry but it's just an Android app! It's not a miracle!
You know what your friends told you, that you were too good for her? Well, it's true that one of you was too good for the other, but it wasn't you... Sorry about that.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game scratchme.


Developer: Knitting Mushroom

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