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Tax calculation has never been so easy and fun! But tax calculator app made it possible with few steps! With Salary Tax calculator app you can calculate your annual and monthly tax by entering the salary of current month with few easy tax calculator steps with Salary Tax Calculator App.

The purpose of this application is to facilitate every user to check their tax information and it can't be used for legal purposes with Salary Tax Calculator App. You can use this application to calculate your daily bases taxes with few easy steps. You can calculate salary, income tax and all other percentages of taxes in your income with salary tax app.

When most of the taxpayers find tax computation and tax planning very complex. This app is a useful tool for every individuals, especially salaried employees and Pensioners. Salary Tax calculator app is used to calculate the final price after discount, amount saved, original price before discount, tax and sale price with tax calculator. Use salary tax calculator with Simple percentage calculator on discounted purchase with calculator tax app.

Salary Tax Calculator is an easy-to-use Android application that helps you estimate your taxes based on your income. One can easily check his/her tax liabilities. The Salary Tax Calculator will help you make decisions about the New or Old Regime.

This app work in both manners forward (how much tax?) as well as reverse (how much do I need to earn?). You can calculate your earnings cumulatively (Like your payslip!) or on annual, monthly, daily a basis with salary tax calculator.

Salary Tax calculator p gives you a very quick access to tax calculations for:
Pay As You Earn (PAYE with a salary tax calculator
Self -Employment calculation
Dividend Income by using the taxation app
Savings Interest and Redundancy Pay

Abilities we provide in the app of Salary Tax Calculator App:
Income from Salary by detecting tax amount
Automatic Standard Deduction yearly
Income from House property
Profits and gains of business or profession
Taxation on Capital Gains
The Salary tax calculator app has an optional capital gains field, eligible dividends, ineligible, dividends, and RRSP contribution field. The RRSP input will be used to assess the RRSP refund that may contribute to a tax refund for the year.

This application is Free of cost and it also requires NO special Android permissions. The calculations are done locally in this Salary Tax Calculator App.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Salary Tax Calculator App.


Developer: Centum Solutions

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