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Russian English Audio Bible

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Russian English Audio Bible.

We are pleased to offer Russian and English bilingual audio Holy Bible for your android devices. Offered side by side with KJV English version, utilizing the power of android device for Russian speaking community in Russia and the world.

A simple, yet a powerful design allows users to easily read the Bible.

-Comes with Audio ( Requires internet connection and can play online for offline listen) .
-Comes with KJV English version
-Search function for easy navigation
-Share your favorite verse through Mail, SMS, Facebook
-Choose from a different font size and background image

It comes complete with New and Old testaments. Fast and easy to use.
Take your Bible with you wherever you go.

The Bible contains Old Testament and new Testament:
"Genesis","Exodus","Leviticus","Numbers","Deuteronomy","Joshua","Judges","Ruth","1 Samuel","2 Samuel","1 Kings","2 Kings","1 Chronicles","2 Chronicles","Ezra","Nehemiah","Esther","Job","Psalms","Proverbs","Ecclesiastes","Song of Solomon","Isaiah","Jeremiah","Lamentations","Ezekiel","Daniel","Hosea","Joel","Amos","Obadiah","Jonah","Micah","Nahum","Habakkuk","zephaniah","Haggai","Zechariah","Malachi","Matthew","Mark","Luke","John","Acts","Romans","1 Corinthians","2 Corinthians","Galatians","Ephesians","Philippians","Colossians","1 Thessalonians","2 Thessalonians","1 Timothy","2 Timothy","Titus","Philemon","Hebrews","James","1 Peter","2 Peter","1 John","2 John","3 John","Jude","Revelation".

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Russian English Audio Bible.


Developer: JaqerSoft

Recent changes: 1. Add bookmark feature.
2. Add write note feature.

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