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RoboBoard App is a speedometer, information panel and configuration App for Skateboards solutions developed by RoboConn Pvt. Limited.

Usage Requirement:

RoboBoard App needs a BLE interface to connect with RoboConn Skateboards. User should have a RoboConn Skateboard installed with a BLE module.

APP Details:

RoboBoard App is equipped following features:

1. Speedometer
2. High Speed Alert
3. Remaining Battery Percentage
4. Skateboard Information
5. Caliberation
6. Lock / Unlock
7. Device Mode
8. Remote Support Features


A multicolor dynamic speedometer that varies color based on device speed

High Speed Alert:

Mobile phone vibrates when the speed is above safe limit. This feature enable the rider to keep the phone in their pocket and the App can alert them when they are riding the Skateboard at speed above safe speed limit

Remaining Battery Percentage: It notifies the user about remaining Battery Percentage.

Device Information:
Detailed Skateboard parameters are displayed.

This feature enables the user to caliberate the sensors on Skateboard


User can lock or unlock the Skateboard from App. Once Skateboard is locked , it cannot be rode untill unlocked.

Device Mode:

User can select between following modes:

Beginner Mode: This Mode is for beginner riders. Speed is limited in this mode. Acceleration and Brake has added protection to make the ride safe for beginners
Advanced Mode: This Mode is for advanced riders. Acceleration and Braking feeling fits for experienced riders. Speed Limit can be adjusted from Speed Control Menu

Custom Mode:
This mode is for experienced riders who wants more control over the Skateboard. Race Acceleration and Brake Acceleration feelings can be adjusted to get a customized Skateboard response.


New faults added. Speed Sign added to developer mode



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