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Manage Your Company's Contacts & Track Performance
With Relay Connect CRM

When you order your lists from GoLeads, you also receive our web-based CRM - Relay Connect - Absolutely FREE.
Relay Connect keeps you and your team organized by managing all of your company's contacts
as well as tracks the performance of each list.

Relay Connect also:

Helps you get leads to your reps in seconds.

Separates your contacts into 3 groups

Leads > Prospects > Customers

Centralizes all of your lists.
Create lists inside Relay Connect.
Download directly to Relay Connect.
Easy viewing of your leads.
Easy Exporting or Printing of your leads.

Leads Group - Contacts start out as a Lead
Prospects Group - Contacts that are moving through the pipeline.
Customers Group - Contacts that have paid you.
Relay Connect helps you manage ALL of your contacts.

Push or print leads to your reps in seconds.
Track to see how each list performed.
Track to see how each rep performed within a list.
View notes within each record.
View Sales Performance Reports for each list and rep.
View notes within each record.
Set appointments.

Relay Connect is a great way to keep you and your sales team organized, track ROI and provide your company with a centralized database of Leads, Prospects and Customers.
Databases and Relay Connect aren’t the only reasons you would want to buy from GoLeads. You may also like:

Our Pricing :
Even with Relay Connect, you may find that our prices are 50-80% less than what you’ve been paying for in the past.
Choose from monthly programs, annual programs or 1x purchases. We allow our customers to leverage their buying power without being oversold.

Our Delivery System :
With Relay Connect, you can have your leads in seconds – no more waiting days or even weeks for your list.

Our Customer Service :
We know it’s a cliché. Everyone says this, but we live it. We take care of our customers because we know that the best way to grow a business is for you to tell people about us.




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