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REDCOM Secure Client is a SIP-based softphone app that provides secure voice, video, and chat with presence on Android phones and tablets.

REDCOM Secure Client is a stand-alone softphone app and not a VoIP service. To make calls, the app requires the REDCOM Sigma call controller. While it may work with other standards-compliant SIP and XMPP servers, we do not offer support for third-party call and session controllers.

Product Highlights:

Protect personal and corporate communications with Sigmas 2048-bit RSA encryption
Supports true dual registration to two or more independent SIP servers
Wide range of standard and high definition audio codecs including G.711, G.722, G.729, Opus, and Speex
Fully AS-SIP compliant

Unified Communications Features:

Audio calls
Video calls
Full XMPP support, including:
oOne-to-one chats
oGroup administration

General Features:

Call forwarding
Call transfer
Call hold
Call history (view & delete)
Three-way calling
Calling number delivery
Missed call notifications
TLS/SRTP for encrypted communications
Call encryption (FIPS 140-2 validated)
Support for ICE (XMPP)
Noise suppression
Echo cancellation (device dependent)
Dial plan rules
Auto start on bootup
Mutual authentication
Emergency call handling by native dialer

For more information on the REDCOM Secure Client features, please visit:

Emergency Calls:
When a user dials an emergency number from the REDCOM Secure Client app on a device with telephony support, the app is designed to pass the dialed digits to the mobile device's native cellular dialer, where the user can then attempt to complete the emergency call via their cellular carriers voice network. After handing off the dialed digits to the native dialer, the app is no longer involved in the call attempt. The emergency call, once placed, and any related location services are the responsibility of the cellular carrier. By default, the app treats 911 as an emergency number and passes 911 calls to the native dialer.
The user can reconfigure the list of known emergency numbers within the app, which allows the user to control which dialed numbers, if any, are passed to the native dialer. Dialing emergency numbers from the app on a device without telephony support or reconfiguring the app to prevent emergency numbers from being passed to the native dialer will cause the app to process any emergency call as a VoIP call over the data network. Such calls can fail to complete due to any disruption of the apps ability to communicate with its VoIP network service, such as power outages, lack of data network connectivity, etc. Placing a call through the VoIP network to report an emergency may also result in failure to direct the call to the correct emergency response center or failure to determine the user's correct location. For these reasons, REDCOM recommends that emergency calls be placed over the cellular carriers network using the devices native dialer, if available. For devices without telephony support, REDCOM recommends that users always have an alternative means of accessing emergency operator services in case of disruption of VoIP service. REDCOM will not be liable for errors, delays, costs, damages, injury, or death resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the Secure Client app for emergency calls.

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Developer: REDCOM Laboratories

Recent changes: General open-source library updates to resolve known security vulnerabilities.
In-call screen now shown even in auto-answer.
Pop-up notification for new text messages.
Ring notification for sleep mode incoming calls.
Other minor bug fixes.

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