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Eating is one of the most important activities in life. A good cooking recipe, balanced, nutritious and tasty, helps us to be healthy, to have energy to work and to be lively and happy. Our well-fed children can grow up healthy and strong and with awakened intelligence. And if we also share the table and meet to chat and discuss the day's affairs, to share our dreams, hopes, wishes; It would be very good, since the act of eating becomes a pleasant rite, which unites the family and allows us to enjoy what is called warmth of home.

A rich seasoning can add a new color to the day. If we usually prepare fried eggs for breakfast; but the next day we put a healthy and easy recipe like eggs with tomato and onion. This would change a lot, right? It is putting our imagination and creativity to work.


- Put to work our imagination and creativity with the products that the earth produces, in the realization of healthy and easy recipes.
- Recipes and practical tips, help make cooking easier and richer.
- Family cooking pleasure

Healthy and Easy Recipes is an easy, simple application. TOTALLY FREE!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Recetas Saludables y Fáciles.


Developer: Adriana Alzate

Recent changes: Se continuará subiendo muchas recetas, para que siempre tengas la aplicación a la mano-419

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