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Rebellion of Sushi Yunomi

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Play this online game named Rebellion of Sushi Yunomi.

People all over the world! This is SAKANA of Japan!
""Rebellion of Sushi Yunomi" is easy to play game!!
"Rebellion of Sushi Yunomi" is easy capture system left the game to catch by tapping the kanji.
Raise the craftsman force to collect Chinese characters, trying to appear more and more rare kanji!


There was a sushi restaurant of reputation. it is always crowded with beautiful sushi teacups and sushi items and good skilled Craftsman.

One day, sushi chef are making sushi, Kanji of Sushi Yunomi ran away!

Sushi Yunomi is a selling point of the shop becomes the Yunomi of ordinary, sushi chef were disappointed.

However, sushi chef was swore in mind that have caught the kanji of all, it is returned to the original Sushi Yunomi!!


How to play very easy.
Kanji of fish because the emergence in a given time, and only catch by tapping at any time!
I can play in such Sakutto latency of train and bus free time for other games.

Craftsman force up to and earn the experience value of a constant, new fish will appear!
Fish unusual in also might appear! ?

Check the fish caught in the teacup screen. You can read the bits of knowledge about the fish if you tap the kanji.
So you can also tweet beans knowledge, I might get used to wanna-be fish Dr.! ?

I am allowed to use the music of the following site-like in this app.


Fixed a minor bug



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