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Real Traffic Extreme Endless Cars Racing

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Real Traffic Extreme Endless Cars Racing is a fast paced, perfect simulator car racing game with high-speed adrenaline-fueled driving you've never experienced before! New Highway Traffic Racing is among a few racing games based on a realistic physical model which gives you an unprecedented driving experience. Enjoy the ultimate endless traffic racing game! Beat crazy challenges and race in a selection of modified cars. Drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your cars and buy new ones. Road Racing: Highway Traffic brings to you one of the most compelling and satisfying traffic dodging experience in the world!

Accelerate your fast racing sports car up to 200 speeds across the busy lanes of traffic, enjoy driving fast and overtaking. It is a very thrilling drive once you get on the road just fastens your seat belt and drives your car like a maniac without caring about the speed limit on road. Roads and highways are full of speeding motorcycles and cars they can bother you! Only the best racer will be immortalized in the halls of street racing fame. Jump behind the wheel and race through the endless busy roads and highways! Make near traffic misses discovering unique locations. With highly sophisticated machines and car simulator game features latest mini car could break through a lot of obstacles and a tense race in City busy Traffic. The next generation in mobile racer games is here! The game is on, and millions of other players will compete for the top ranks on the global leader board! Race the traffic and complete the challenges to get real among the competition.

Dodge cars in the endless traffic on procedural generated asphalt tracks. Milestone in this racing game is to dodge the traffic lanes and speed your way towards highway end. You can wreck the cars while speeding on the highway and perform burnouts. Overtake carefully without crashing to get bonus points and use them further to select more superb and speedy car.

Be a passionate driver of racing car and make your way on highway busy traffic by using clever skills of driving and overtaking your car by thinking your way smartly. Beat the traffic by moving that car in between lanes. Enjoy different World location for thrilling drive among many speedy cars. Playing Real Traffic Extreme Endless Cars Racing, you can play Online and Compete with your friends and beat world records. All vehicles are with original engine sound, simulated turbo sound and the blow off valve! You can select different setups for every car - Stock, Turbo, Racing, and Drift.

Features of Real Traffic Extreme Endless Cars Racing:
Live cameras and replays
Unique driving on different surfaces - asphalt, grass, sand
Race in oncoming traffic in Two-Way Mode.
Keep holding the pedal and save your car from bursting
through Time bomb mode.
Smooth and realistic car handling
Stunning hyper-realistic 3D graphics
Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.
stunning visual masterpiece on Android
Nitro Booster for super-speed road racing advanced shield to protect
Car racing on very specially multiple designed speed tracks
Completely new way of highway racing.
Beat your rivals and dominate online leaderboards!
Uncompromising rivals with AI elements
Detailed environment with changing day and night

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Real Traffic Extreme Endless Cars Racing.



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