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Reach: Goal Tracker. Habit, Task Goal setting play online

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Reach: Goal Tracker. Habit, Task Goal setting

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Reach: Goal Tracker. Habit, Task Goal setting.

Dont let your goals pass you by whilst life keeps you busy.
Download Reach now.

Visualise your goal by choosing & setting your own custom image.
Get clear on your why and revisit your answer to stay motivated.
Set goal due dates to be done by a certain date or by a certain age.

Quickly add an action in just a few taps with our intuitive, fast and simplistic UI.
Choose easy due dates such as "This week" or "Next month".
Stay hyper focused & relate each action you do towards a goal.

Record and review any progress you make towards completing an action.
Take notes on your actions to stay on top of them.

Think of that moment when you reach your goal, think of how that feels.
This could be the moment when your story of your achievement begins.
Download Reach now.


Have you set written goals plus actions for their attainment? A 1979 Harvard study asked this to a class on campus and then re-interviewed this same class 10 years later. It was found that the 3% who replied yes were earning ten times as much as the rest of the 97%... combined! Whether your goals are financial or not, this study shows the power of writing your goals down and planning out actions to achieve them.

We are building Reach because we have experienced the result of not having clear goals and actions like the 97% of that Harvard class; where life keeps us busy and our goals get silently pushed back into oblivion. However, after unleashing the power of goal setting in our lives we watched how our outcomes underwent a transformation which not one of us could have expected. We went from helplessness to being in control, then from control to achieving our goals and enjoying their rewards.

It was a revelation, no fast secret formulas, just clear effective planning and consistent action. Due to this experience it is now our why to create the most effective, simple and intuitive application for focused goal setting that you can use to achieve your goals.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Reach: Goal Tracker. Habit, Task Goal setting.



Recent changes: We're always adding new features to Reach to help you attain your goals. To make sure you don't miss a shiny new version keep your Updates on automatically!

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