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Quick Brew Calc provides all the calculations you need to make great beer. Whether you're a home-brewer or a pro, Quick Brew Calc can calculate the numbers you need fast, so you can get back to brewing. Built for speed and customization.

Change units instantly - No need to search the settings, just touch the unit label and select your new unit.

Customize your calculation sets - Make groups of calculations so you always have exactly the calculations you need. Designing a brew requires different calculations than running a brew day; organize your calculations by task or by anything else.

Cloud backup and sync across devices - Select a Google account and all your calculation sets will be saved to the cloud (using your Google Drive). Start building a hop schedule on one device, finish it on another.

Fully editable data sources - Edit % alpha acids for hops. Change the PPG for any fermentable. Add new values, delete ones you don't need.

Available calculations -
Alcohol Content
Dilution / Boil Off
CO Volumes
Hydrometer Correction
Yeast Pitch Rate
Mash Tun Size
Combining Worts
Mash/Strike Water
Mash Infusion Water
All Grain to Extract Conversion
Boiling Point
Yeast Starter
Priming Sugar
IBU - includes a customizable table of Hop varieties.
Recipe - supports steeping, mashing and boiling fermentables with customizable efficiencies.
Unit Conversion
Specific Volume
Gravity - Specific Gravity, P, PPG
Color - Lovibond, SRM, EBC

We take requests! Tell us what calculations you need in Quick Brew Calc. Write a review, or just email us at [email protected]

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Quick Brew Calc.


Developer: Abstract Wombat

Recent changes: All know bugs fixed.
Including syncing across devices using Google Drive.

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