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Quality Image Compressor is a beautifully designed app to easily compress your images to required size.

Quality Image Compressor compresses the images without losing quality. The easy-to-use UI of the app allows you to perform different functions like compression, rotation, cropping or saving the compressed image in a smooth and seamless manner.


1. Compress without losing quality
One of the most important and useful feature that allows you to compress an image to a much smaller size without affecting the quality of the image.

2. Compress between range(e.g. 20kb to 100kb)
Many forms require you to upload an image with size between a given range. With this option, generate a compressed image of size within that
required range automatically.

3. Multiple compress options
Compress the images from multiple compress options as per your requirement.

4. Crop Images
Crop away the unwanted portions from the image as per your requirement.

5. Rotate Image
Set the rotation for the image as per your requirement.


1. Select an image to compress.

2. Select RESIZE option to show all the different image compress options.
- If image has to be compressed within a specific range, select COMPRESS BETWEEN RANGE and enter the required range and compress.
- COMPRESS WITHOUT LOSING QUALITY option will automatically compress the image to a smaller size without losing quality.

3. After the image is compressed, the original image and the compressed image will be available. If the compressed image is of required size, save the image by pressing SAVE option.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Quality Image Compressor.


Developer: ACE Labs

Recent changes: Now you can compress multiple images easily with Batch Compress!

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