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Our Free Mobile Phone App can be used to take photos of your Cosmetics, Skincare, Hair Care or Household Products, including the full ingredient list, to find out whether your products contain toxic or harmful ingredients.

Europe, Canada and Japan Ban or Restrict thousands of Ingredients included in Cosmetics, Skincare, Hair Care and Household Products. The U.S. bans less than 30 because the FDA doesnt have the needed authority like it does with food. Use our App to find out if the products you are using or plan to purchase contain toxic or harmful ingredients.

Manufacturers of Cosmetics, Skincare, Hair Care or Household Products are required to provide a complete ingredient list on the product label with ingredients listed in the order of concentration. Often, the names included on an ingredient list will be a synonym for chemical ingredient names, making it hard for consumers to know what ingredients are actually in their products.

Achieve Beautys Product Photo App submits photos of the full ingredient list so that we can provide you with information about toxic or harmful ingredients in your products based on comparing your ingredient list names to governmental databases of Banned or Restricted Ingredients from Europe, Canada, Japan, and the USA, including ingredients that California has indicated may cause cancer or reproductive harm.

After you submit product photos, including the full ingredient list, you will receive back an analysis of the ingredients in each of your products, indicating toxic or harmful ingredients, reasons for concern and recommendations for safer alternative products. And, as a bonus, we will help you save from 25% TO 50% when buying your personal care products.

Stay Safe, Save Money and Achieve the Best Skin and Hair Ever!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Product Ingredient Checker.


Developer: AchieveBeauty Product Photos & Ingredient Scanner

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