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POWER Calculator

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Play this online game named POWER Calculator.

Equipped with a formula editing function, this is a multi-function calculator can be calculated in real time.
This is an application developed to become a definitive edition of calculator and computer.

There is also a PRO version of the pay.
Banner advertising hide, real-time calculation function of consumption tax, etc., a useful feature has been added.

[Math Input/Editing function]
You can be calculated by entering the formula.
You can use bracketed arithmetic, and you can make a flexible computing.
Formula is freely editable.

[Real-time calculations]
It will be calculated in real time by simply pressing the key numeric keypad and math.

[Unit conversion function]
It is possible to convert the unit of time, such as length, weight, area.

[Copy and Paste]
You can be pasted into other apps by copying the result.
Can be calculated by the formula and paste from other apps.

[Tax function]
Tax can be calculated with a single button.

[Privacy Policy]
Internet connection and other information, is not practical to use and send only get to display any banner ad.
So that everyone can use with confidence to the user, Our company has established a strict privacy policy and compliance.


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