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Potter: Goblet Magic Combat

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Play this online game named Potter: Goblet Magic Combat.

The game Potter: Goblet Magic Combat begins at a rather uninspired representation of “The Burrow” and the scene is set through a brief cut-scene in which Potter,
Ron and Hermione sum up the goings on prior to their return to Hogwart for their 6th year of school.
The scene then quickly shifts to the Hogwart express and it is here, at such an early stage,
that it becomes clear that the game isn’t going to really offer much of an enjoyable experience.
Potter is tasked with finding various objects on board the train and trading them with other passengers in order to trigger a cut-scene and therefore progress the story.
This may not sound too bad but this is pretty much how the game Potter: Goblet Magic Combat continues on – the player is given some mundane task
(find a book in the library, find some potion ingredients, retrieve’s Ginny’s lost puzzle, etc)
only to be rewarded with a cut-scene that moves the story on through speech bubbles and static character sprites.
It seems rather odd that the game’s developers decided to include most of the actual story in these rather tedious cut-scenes and instead give the player the task of jaunting around Hogwarts to find completely incidental items.
As these tasks become available they are recorded in Potter’s "Remembrall" and the player is free to complete them in effectively any order thus giving the game an
(albeit flawed) element of open-ended gameplay.
The order in which tasks are completed has absolutely no baring on the story and usually the tasks themselves have nothing to do with the actual story as well.
There are a few side-quests - such as completing the Folio-Magi card collection through beating mini-games -
but there is little incentive to follow these to their conclusion and indeed after the rather unsatisfying nature of the main quest you may not want to bother.
There are also various mini-games on offer in which “Famous Wizard Cards” and other magical paraphernalia can be gained,
though these items can also be obtained quite easily by casting spells on bookcases, statues and other objects throughout Hogwart.


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