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IQ100? Can you Solve Polygrams - Tangram Puzzle? It's New Game 2021.

Only 1% of people can complete some of the mind games puzzles in this brain game. Can you complete them? Yes You can Complete Polygrams puzzle new game 2021.

Polygrams - Tangram, New Game 2021 is fun logic puzzle for relaxing and keeping your mind sharp with this online games. Complete the Poly Shape by moving and rotating the many shapes. A fun way to work problem solving and visual spatial skills.

Polygrams is a logic puzzle game that takes the classic wooden tangram puzzles to the next level - Are you ready for the most relaxing free games 2021?
Slide and connect the pieces onto the board without overlapping the pieces! and create colorful shapes.
Completing a puzzle can be relaxing, but also make the gears in your head rotate, which makes it an addictive time killer!

Tangrams & Blocks features tons of different level packs in style and colors. Choose between 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Pieces art Game and more. Might it be after a long day to unwind your mind or just to challenge yourself, fitting the pieces onto the board feels simply satisfying - A brain game online puzzle games one can only love!

Enjoy creating shapes with Enjoy Tangram, the famous free games.
Originally from China, Polygrams is a worldwide-known brain game that develop psychomotor and intellectual capacities and introduces concepts of geometry in a playful way.

Known as the "Chinese Puzzle" this brain game is perfect all ages. Create puzzles and mosaics using your spatial intelligence!
Tangram consists of 7 pieces composed by squares, triangles and rectangles with different straight and oblique angles. enjoy creating figures with different shapes and colors (yellow, red, blue, green, orange and purple ).

Most relaxing puzzle games 2021
One Touch gameplay - Designed to be playable in one hand
More than 500+ brain sharpening Polygrams levels
Colorful and minimalistic design
Both Japanese puzzle and European Tangram.
Relaxing logic puzzles that challenge your mind.
Fun free mind game - Curved Shape.
Free online games block puzzle games, forever.
Designed to be playable in one hand.
Minimal graphics and sound.
Entertain your brain for minutes or hours.
Reduce stress and increase positive social interactions.
Enjoy online games for any time, anywhere and a short time.
Perfect to relieve your stress and release your artist potential!
Easy and fun to play: move the colored blocks to fill up the shapes.
Unique levels: hundreds of amazing levels are waiting for you.
Train your brain: keep yourself mentally fit every day!

Block Puzzle Box and Tangram Master is a collection of free mind games focusing on block puzzles & brick puzzles. Be prepared for the best block puzzles games 2020.

Love Poly is a free games brand-new game 2021 3D puzzle & brain teaser game!! The gameplay is very simple and relaxing: rotate the pieces, and as you get closer to the correct angle, the pieces will merge into a beautiful picture of artwork! If you are interested in coloring puzzle games art and low poly art brain game, Love Poly is one of the best choices for you.

"Triangle Blocks Tangram king" is a style puzzles game with simple and addictive gameplay. Completely free games with multiple unique levels.

Tangram Puzzle is a fun free online games where you must place all the shapes on the board in their correct spot. The board is a square shape and the pieces are all different geometric shapes that go in only one spot of the board. Can you find the correct spot for all the shapes!

Feels like reality, Play more, Live more. "Team Play Real New Game( TEAM PRNG)" is create new game 2021 beyond your imagination and for Game for gamers.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Polygrams - Tangram Puzzle Games.


Developer: All Games: Play Games Online

Genre: Puzzle

App version: 1.9

App size: 32M

Recent changes: A collection of addictive Tangram,
Brain Relax New Game,
Excellent Graphics,
Smooth Control,
Multiple unique levels.


I don't mind ads at all and I expect free games to utilize them but this game pushes it way too much. You get an ad after entering the main menu, an ad after choosing a level, and ad once the level loads, and ad once it ends, an ad after waiting for the left level to load....c'mon. Don't advertise it as free if you're going to force your players to purchase it to make it slightly playable. On top of all that, the pieces freeze constantly.

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