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Play this online game named Pocket AMC Reader.

This application will allow you to read catalogs created by Ant Movie Catalog on your Android phone. It will read XML catalog and import it into its own database which is done for performance reasons. On each start the application will check size of the XML file and when it changes, database is updated. Depending on size of your catalog and speed of your phone, it might take several minutes to import all movies and to start up.

Converting AMC to XML
If you keep your database in AMC format, you will have to export it to XML to be able to use this application. You can easily do that in 5 steps:

1. Open your AMC database in Ant Movie Catalog
2. Select File -> Save as...
3. Select type XML and click Save
4. When asked about pictures answer OK
5. Copy XML and all pictures to your Android device and start Pocket AMC Reader

If import crashes leaving you with only some movies imported, select option Remove bad characters.


- ADDED Thumbnail view with option to hide titles
- ADDED List fast scroll with section names
- ADDED Slovak translation
- ADDED Polish translation
- ADDED Filters are persisted when device is rotated
- FIXED Some small visual glitches



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