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Playing with numbers(Advanced) play online

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Playing with numbers(Advanced)

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Playing with numbers(Advanced).

The app will take four numbers as input, then it will generate the fourth number from the three numbers using +(addition), - (subtraction), *(multiplication), /(division), !(factorial), ^ (exponentiation), log, sqrt (square root),unary minus.

It will generate numeric expressions for different combinations of arithmetic operations using the given three numbers which satisfy the fourth number.

Convention for log operation:
alog(b) means log b to the base a.
!3 denotes factorial of 3 I.e 6
sqrt is for square root and ^ for to the power operation.

This app will help to improve one's mental analytical skills.Especially it will help kids/junior student to sharpen their mental arithmetic skills.

For example you can play with this app by entering the last 4 digits of Indian car number ( say 1 2 3 4).

*** Representation mode is added which can be selected from app option menu.

*** Enjoy the beauty of log and sqrt.

Beauty of positive integer number representation using log and sqrt.
Here log means logarithm and sqrt means square root.

Any positive integer number n can be represented using only log, sqrt and four m's.
Here in this app m is taken as 2. Here m is also a positive integer.

This representation was formulated by a famous physicist.

*** Number Magic mode :
Any positive integer number can be expressed as a sum of numbers represented in the form of 2^p*3^q, where p and q are non-negative integers and following conditions are satisfied by the summands:

a. neither summand will be 1
b. none of the summand is divisible by other summand

Example :
Here 2^0=1, 3^0=1 and 18 doesn't divide 27.

This property is verified in this mode.
For the sake of verification only numbers between 2 to 127 can be entered as user input.

Play with the app to enhance your mental ability skill.


*** Note : Expressions with factorial, log and square root are computed in real numbers, so some values after computation are rounded to zero (i.e very small number) to match the fourth number.

Note: If the app generates any invalid expression or is unable to generate expression though there are valid operations available, please give me feedback through email to fix the bug.

*** All of my apps / games are voice enabled. Proper text to speech (English speaking female voice) component may be downloaded and installed in some phone / devices if it is not already installed or compatible.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Playing with numbers(Advanced).



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