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Introduction to APP-PK (Antibiotics in the Physicians Pocket - Pharmacokinetics)

Thank you for visiting APP-PK. We welcome you on behalf of all the members of Korean Society for Chemotherapy. APP-PK is a sister application/website of APP, which was developed by the Korean Society for Chemotherapy to help physicians in choosing antibiotics for common infectious diseases. APP-PK lists and describes each antibiotics pharmacokinetic characteristics in order that physicians can select and use antibiotics in appropriate ways.

For our antibiotics mobile application and website, we collected information from pharmaceutical companies official labels for their antibiotics and/or the information provided by the FDA internet homepage. We have summarized the content for each antibiotic to be as brief as possible in order for quick overviews.

We will henceforth improve the application through updates so that we continually provide better and better content. The application also has a feedback feature through which any user can send his or her opinions and suggestions. If there is any information that should be edited or updated, or if you have a good suggestion for how we should display the content on this application, please do not hesitate to send us your opinions and suggestions. Our review board will regularly review and accordingly apply those entries.

Thank you once again for visiting APP-PK. We invite you to join us in making the APP-PK an even greater one.

Korean Society for Chemotherapy

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