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Play this online game named piZZapaZZa Lite.

piZZapaZZa – Everything has changed, now!

Set your creativity free with the most innovative drawing app!

With piZZapaZZa even who has never been able to draw will obtain beautiful and, most of all, unique pieces of art! All piZZapaZZa’s tools will add a touch of imagination and craziness which will make your paint unique and one-in-a-million!

piZZapaZZa has been designed to work with both smartphone and tablet, using your fingers or the stylus and it supports perfectly multi-touch screens. Its simplicity, immediacy and jocosity make it suitable for the little ones and it is a great tool to learn how to draw while you are having fun.

Main functions:
- You can create backgrounds both uniform and shaded
- You can draw using the classic pencils and brushes, or geometric, natural and centered shapes
- You can apply funny effects to your artworks (option available only for piZZapaZZa Deluxe)
- You can manage your drawing chronology until a maximum of 10 steps backward
- You can import, export and share your artworks with your friends (options available only for piZZapaZZa Pro and piZZapaZZa Deluxe)

Watch the promotional video:

If you want to learn about the story of piZZapaZZa, then have fun with these videos:
- Road to piZZapaZZa 1 - E vedere di nascosto l'effetto che fa -
- Road to piZZapaZZa 2 - Tu non sei più la stessa -
- Road to piZZapaZZa 3 - Revolution -
- Road to piZZapaZZa 4 - Mio Dio! E' pieno di stelle! -
- Road to piZZapaZZa 5 - E cambia! E cambia! -
- Road to piZZapaZZa 6 - E coi secchi di vernice!!! -
- Road to piZZapaZZa 7 - Respira la natura!!! -
- Road to piZZapaZZa 8 - Cambia tutto, adesso! -
- Road to piZZapaZZa 9 - E gira tutto intorno! -
- Road to piZZapaZZa 10 - It's a kind of magic! -

If you want to have fun also with a PC Windows, you can play online pizzApazzA VisualBasic Edition here (free version!), always more piZZa, always more craZZy!


Version 1.2

- Added the centered shape tool
- Added in the geometric shape the spirograph function

Version 1.2.1

- Fixed a bug when calling natural shapes

Version 1.3

- Fixed a bug when sharing artworks
- Fixed a bug when importing from Lite

Version 1.3.1

- Fixed a bug when zooming artworks

Version 1.3.2

- Fixed a bug when importing artworks

Version 1.3.3

- Fixed a bug when importing artworks



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