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Pixel Block Gun 3d play online

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Pixel Block Gun 3d

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Play this online game named Pixel Block Gun 3d.

♛♛♛ Pixel Block Gun 3d ♛♛♛

The city of Pixelmon is in a really big danger. The streets are full of different criminals, felons, robbers and burglars. Your task is thus very clear, but surely not easy. You have to clean this city from these dangerous elements and you have to be a true pixelmon survival of course. So you were not totally defenseless, you can choose you pixel gun. You can choose from several weapons. Pick AK-47 or Scorpion and become a skilled shooter. Or you can pick a knife, machete, hammer axe etc. The city is divides into several parts, when in each part you have to solve different situations. In the living zone for example, there was found the body, but no one knows, what happened. Also at the gas station, there is o big heist, that you must avoid. In the middle of the city is situated a big park, wich is also full of street pickpockets, so you would have really a lot of work.

♛ Dangerous city life
♛ Pixel games online
♛ Many useful weapons
♛ Solving crimes

♛♛♛ How To Play ♛♛♛
- Pick your favourite weapon
- Defend the citizens
- Try to survive
- Buid the barriers
- Shoot your enemies




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