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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Pingy Pongy.

Pingy Pongy is a simple but fun casual/arcade inspired game where you basically play Keepie-uppie with a fully customizable ball and paddle! Try to battle for the highest score on the leader-boards or unlock tons of various skins to show-off against your friends!

- With the in-game customisation menu you can change the appearance of your ball, blade and handle in both shapes and textures! Want to make your ball look like a sprocket? Or do you want to make your bat look like a sword? It's all possible!

- Make use of the integrated Google Play services to use leader-boards and battle your friends to reach the highest score!

- What did you except?! The game is simple and repetitive! (Quite a good excuse to play if you have time to spare)

- Once in a while the game will be updated to include more customisation options for the user to explore! (More reason to show-off your skills)

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Pingy Pongy.


Developer: ZYRK

Genre: Arcade

App version: Pingy Pongy 1.2

App size: 22M

Recent changes: - Fixed Legacy API usage


This is an insanely infuriating game but i somehow still love it. It also reminds me of a crazy old man named "Wiffwaff Jim" who lived in a bin on the side of the road entering my town. Jim would scream at passers by about how ping ping used to be called wiffwaff and how the game has been stolen from its native land by "The Word Replacers". He died after attempting to get into a fist-fight with a pelican who turned out to be a professional MMA fighter and completely demolished him. Five stars!

I love this game! Absolutely give it a try and see if you can beat my score :)

Fun, but too hard for me

I love this game it's super cool

Great game !!'

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