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The Handbook of Physics learn the properties of matter and energy and the relationships between them. It is based on mathematics and traditionally includes mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism, acoustics, and heat. Modern physics, based on quantum theory, includes atomic, nuclear, particle, and solid-state studies.

Table of Content

1. The Basics of Physics
2. Kinematics
3. Two-Dimensional Kinematics
4. The Laws of Motion
5. Uniform Circular Motion and Gravitation
6. Work and Energy
7. Linear Momentum and Collisions
8. Static Equilibrium, Elasticity, and Torque
9. Rotational Kinematics, Angular Momentum, and Energy
10. Fluids
11. Fluid Dynamics and Its Applications
12. Temperature and Kinetic Theory
13. Heat and Heat Transfer
14. Thermodynamics
15. Waves and Vibrations
16. Sound
17. Electric Charge and Field
18. Electric Potential and Electric Field
19. Electric Current and Resistance
20. Circuits and Direct Currents
21. Magnetism
22. Induction, AC Circuits, and Electrical Technologies
23. Electromagnetic Waves
24. Geometric Optics
25. Vision and Optical Instruments
26. Wave Optics
27. Special Relativity
28. Introduction to Quantum Physics
29. Atomic Physics
30. Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

Physics is concerned with all aspects of nature on both the macroscopic and submicroscopic levels. Its scope of study encompasses not only the behaviour of objects under the action of given forces but also the nature and origin of gravitational, electromagnetic, and nuclear force fields. Its ultimate objective is the formulation of a few comprehensive principles that bring together and explain all such disparate phenomena.

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