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Overload is an online, fast-paced racing action game inspired by the famous title Twisted Metal, developed by SUGA Studio, for Android and iOS.
In this game, you will control a driver with unique abilities and battle against other players. The goal is to be the last driver alive.
Weapons are obtained by pickups scattered throughout the stage, each car has access to its own special weapon with amazing effect and damage.

** Storyline
In the near future, the world is put into havoc by a secret assassination group called WOA (World Organization of Assassins). Members of WOA are nature-born killer with outstanding skills and will do anything for money.
Rumours about WOA has spread all over the world. Some say, the top assassins live a king-liked lifestyle with all the bounty from every successful mission. Other say, that WOA is open to everyone, only if they can pass a gruesome test.
That test is Overload, a competition where contestants must battle to death
Many joined, only one survived.

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_ Fix RCR Special Skill - Deathray
_ Fix major bugs with Network and Gameplay.
_ Voice of Hanzo, Karl, Stark.



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