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Origami is the art of paper folding originating from Japan. Since ancient times people have used origami to make beautiful artwork. Although it looks simple, Origami also has its own complexity in the manufacturing process. Not only for children's education, origami is also useful for adults who want to train brain creativity. With the help of easy origami on the internet, you can make unique and good origami.

Tutorials make origami much sought after by people who want to learn to make origami easily. Lots of origami shapes that you can find on the internet, ranging from animals, boats, dragons, butterflies, fish, flowers, storks, and much more.

The most popular is Origami Crane. According to Japanese beliefs, by making 1000 origami storks, our request will be granted, for example, getting a long life or recovering from an illness. According to this belief storks can live forever for thousands of years, the tradition of making stork origami still continues today.

Every origami has its own complexity in making it, for example Origami Dragon. For those of you who are still beginners, Origami Dragon does look cool. But special precision is needed to make it look good. You can learn to make simple origami to practice your skills. By often learning and practicing you will get used to making origami.

This step-by-step application for making origami offline provides inspiration and origami ideas that you can try. Besides being complete and easy, the application for making origami also trains your creativity in making beautiful artwork.

Lots of origami forms found in this application, for example:
Animal Origami
Origami boat
Origami Naga
Crane Origami
Origami Shuriken
Origami Ninja Star
Origami flowers The above is only a small sample of the many origami tutorials contained in this application. You can choose your favorite origami tips or forms in the application of origami ideas
The paper used to make origami also varies, you can use plain paper or colored paper. It all depends on the form of origami you will make.

To support other needs, the tools needed are a ruler, pencil, marker. This is used to make origami patterns that can make it easier for you to design origami to make it more tidy.

If the preparation is complete, you can follow step by step to make origami offline in this application.
Hopefully this application is useful.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Origami Step by Step Offline.


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