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Welcome to Onet Onnect game (with 60 different gravity and transition levels - free connect game on PC just has 7). In our childhood, PC not much games, just some like: Minesweeper, Solitaire, Spider,... but everyone must be known about Onet master. The pair matching game has easy game play but a lots of matching game rule base on him. We offer more one game use Monsters and Fruits, retro alot of effect like connection line (animal connect), showup effect,... make fun animation. Let's play online Onet and beat all levels!

How to play pet connect?
- Begin the tile match game you must select mode and board size.
- You have 1' to 5' to complete a master puzzle level (currently we have 60 levels).
- You must find and pair matching 2 item together. Touch on couple of same tile kind and 2 of them must be link puzzle, they will gone.
- Don't see any more match case, let use HINT feature for help but sometime it no way!
- Want to refresh board, let use SHUFFLE feature to mix all onet items again. We call tile slide, it's crazy onet!
- Empty the board in time you will come to next match puzzle level.

Size of match master board:
- Currently Onnect puzzle game has Easy, Semi-Normal, Normal, Semi-Hard, Hard, base on the size of tile craft, more tile more difficult.
- But we also create many onet board size for you and they free matching puzzle games.

What is difficult of matching games free (tile frenzy)?
- We currently have dozen moving of item gravity in onnect pair matching puzzle game free.
- Normal gravity: onet item no moving after make empty place.
- Move down/up gravity: onet item will move down/up when empty place exist at the bottom.
- Move right/left gravity: onet item will move right/left when empty place exist at the left/right.
- And many combine from: left/right, top/bottom, center/corner...

- You have Hint (find tile puzzle game): about 5 times (and many reward after complete levels).
- You have Shuffle: about 3 times to retry match game.
- You have Auto complete: about 01 time for use. That is the powerful help you can complete 01 matching puzzle games level.
- When you complete a game onet level, we offer ads reward for Hint/Shuffle/Auto/Live.
- You have 5 live (15 min for refresh one), they will lost when you lose game, break the game.
- Naughty monster can joke you, tap on them maybe lucky reward will dropout.

Pair matching items:
- We have 40 monsters and 40 fruits items for puzzle matching game.
- Name of Monsters (use for match animal kind): Yellow Happy, Green Demons, Maroon Bat, Lime Brighella, Pink Girly, Lime Dot, Chocolate Worry,...
- Name of Fruits (fruit link): just simple tiles, all of theme are fruit in real world. They use in fruit matching game, not combile monsters vs fruits.

- "What is a onet connect games (link animal)?" - The first version of onet game is PC version (connect tiles), has 7 levels at all and poly craft board so small about 9x16 cells, with time countdown.
- "Which is the the best tile connect games free right now?" - We have a lot of version base on size connect board, time countdown, items (fruit, candy, animals, funny items,..), and some tile puzzle/tile connect online so good too.
- "What is the goal of onnect matching puzzle (onnect master)?" - So basically that is main game play is, game have a board of onet animal (column and row), the main goal is find pair of same items have connect (the connect line can go throw empty cell, the line must be place on horizontal or vertical and maximum 2 edges), if pair of items connected they will removed. Empty the board is the final goal to win the game.
- "When was matching game (onnect app game) invented?" - We don't know exactly but must be after classic puzzle, right now we imaging about onet online (o net online), maybe Tile Master 3d/Onet 3d.
- "How about onnect game online will be next gen?" - It can the Tile King.

Thank for reading, DOWNLOAD Tile Connect game right now!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Onnect: Tile Connect.


Developer: NOGAME

Genre: Casual

App version: 1.2.3

App size: Varies with device

Recent changes: [v1.2.3] Onet Connect
- Optimize build size.
- Fix many minor bugs.
- Update UI of ONET item.


Fabulous, loving the game and love that there are options such as changing the 'icons' and levels of play.

You can't pause the game and the timer starts before the puzzle is fully loaded. If you lose you have to start from level 1 all over again. SMH.

Find this game very good however need a little more time to finish. I am trying to get faster, but have only played a few games. It is one of the better match 2 games

Love this game. it is one of my favorites. I was on level 90, but my computer is not working, so I had start all over again on a new one.

I just wish that you could connect this game with Facebook as I have got up to level 2,436 and have now brought a new tablet so having to start ALL OVER AGAIN,!!'

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