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Oil PVT Properties

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This app computes the fluid properties of petroleum oils using various correlations available in the petroleum engineering literature.

This app requires the Stock Tank Oil Gravity; user has the option to specify the units of STO gravity, Gas Specific Gravity (γ), Solution Gas Oil Ratio at Bubble Point Pressure (Rs) and Temperature (T) at which the PVT properties are sought. The user then selects the range of pressure for which the PVT properties are to be calculated with a maximum number of steps set to 30 (default). Optionally a field or lab measured test point data can be entered to compare on the graphs of PVT properties in the output screen.

The user can select the correlations to be used for each parameter by clicking the CORRELATIONS button or selecting SETTINGS from the MENU.

This app will compute the solution gas oil ratio, formation volume factor, density, viscosity and compressibility at the pressure range and temperature specified in the input screen. The resulting properties are plotted against pressure for visualization. The test point data is also plotted (if provided) for comparison. The graphs are interactive i.e. tapping the lines pops out the values of that point.

Finally a report of the calculation is also available in copyable tab delimited text form to copy to clipboard to paste into a mobile word processor. The report can also be email to someone by hitting "Email Report" to send the text report by email.




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