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You feel it is too difficult to have many things to take notes on.

It's too hard to be a good organizer at taking notes clearly and logically.

You need an effective tool to help you manage all your memopads and checklists.

With outstanding features, try to play online and install Notes - Memopad and Notebook now to experience the best free data record app.

A simple and smart notes tool for organizers

Save archives, memos, and to-do lists with simple tasks, making the planners easier to remember daybooks, especially creators can input data by voice to be more handy in notes. In addition, the Notes - Memopad and Notebook app also has the ability to store data in the form of images, videos taken from the camera directly or from your gallery, which is especially useful for sharing links, messages, and emails on the internet in the notepads. Tasks are also simple to add, edit and delete notes, helping the organizers save time and easily create planners' ideas.

A utility todo list tool - A reminder by notifications

This is a great application that allows creators to plan in the form of to-do lists for the day, week or even, every month, every year. In addition, the amazing feature - Timer acts as a reminder by turning on the notification mode, It supports organizers in remembering deadlines and staying on track with planners' to-do lists and goals.

Use colourful themes in tasks and memopads to be a creator.

Notes - Memopad and Notebook feature large colorful themes for planners' interest. Besides, when using the application, the organizers can unleash the creativity of the designers by storing memos and daybooks with images, videos and icons. Another great feature is that creators completely highlight the title of the note tasks, making planners easier to manage and save checklists.

Safety and security notebooks

Organizers can completely secure the important memos, to-do lists, plans with the Notes - Memopad and Notebook app's secure lock feature with a password and fingerprint lock. This is a fantastic feature for managing and securing data in daybooks and repositories.

Use the offline app anytime, anywhere

Just install Notes - Memopad and Notebook and creators can use the service to its best ability without paying additional charges. Additionally, the management tool enables the organizer to operate without access to the internet and to enjoy the service from every location at any time.

Highlight fearure

There are no limits to the number of tasks and lists you may create, and it's simple to modify, add, and delete memopads.

Make the todo lists and remind with notification settings.

Easy to setup color theme, customize photos, videos from the camera and photo gallery, set icons for your notebooks.

Password and fingerprint locks provide secure security.

Work may be done anywhere and at any time without the need for Internet connectivity.

More convenient with voice input notes feature.

Allow sharing notes with contacts, friends, social accounts and exporting as txt and csv files.

Notes - Memopad and Notebook app, in common, is the finest tool for managing and sorting managers' notes in daily life. Try out the app and see how you can best organize your daybooks.

Please email your request to [email protected] if you have any questions or support concerning the Notes - Memopad and Notebook app. We're always here to answer your inquiries and provide the most practical answers.

Thank you for taking the time to use Notes - Memopad and Notebook services. If you're happy with the product, don't forget to offer us a five-star rating.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Notes - Memopad and Notebook.


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