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NoteEasy - The Simple Note Taking App for Android

Welcome to NoteEasy - the perfect notepad app for Android users who need a simple and intuitive note-taking experience. With NoteEasy, you can easily capture your ideas, tasks, and reminders. It's the perfect app for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to take notes on the go.

- Create notes of any length, to-do lists, and memos with ease.
- No limit on the number of notes you can take, subject only to your device's storage capacity.
- Automatic save feature that saves your progress, so you can switch between apps without losing your work.
- Dark and light mode support that adjusts to your device's theme settings.
- Bulleted lists with numbers, hyphens, and plus signs, including nested sections for added organization.
- Share notes via any sharing channel.
- Time-stamped notes for easy reference.
- Easy note search feature.
- Two ways to save changes: either click the back arrow or the tick button.

NoteEasy is designed to ensure that your data is secure because it works offline and doesn't collect any personal information. The auto-save feature ensures that you never lose any content, even if you forget to save or run out of battery power.

NoteEasy is more than just a memo pad, it's a reliable note taker that allows you to easily organize your thoughts and ideas. Try NoteEasy today and enjoy a hassle-free note-taking experience. For any questions or bug reports, email us at [email protected].

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Developer: Dahdo

Recent changes: * No limit on the note length or number of notes to write unless restricted by device capacity.
* Saves your unsaved progress upon switching to other apps.
* It adjusts to your device's theme settings - dark or white.
* Allows to create bulleted lists with numbers, hyphen (-) and plus sign (+).
* Allows to create nested bulleted sections.
* Share your notes via all your sharing channels.
* Time stamped notes.
* Allows to search all your notes.

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