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MyRemocon (IR Remote Control)

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game MyRemocon (IR Remote Control).

* This app is a universal remote control to support all remote controls.

- Key Features -
1. Remote control is supported for domestic and overseas major appliances.
2. Usage is very simple.
- Download the remote control provided by the app and register it.
3. It is easy to use because it is similar in location and shape to the real remote control.
4. Supports macro buttons that can execute multiple buttons at the same time.
- One button can be used for the main channel and buttons requiring continuous remote control operation.
5. Macro button supports voice.
6. Supports running the button after a delayed time.
7. You can schedule the button to be executed every cycle and the button to be executed after the elapsed time,
Supports run-by-cycle scheduling.
8. Support remote control sharing function.
9. Recognize the real remote and make it available in the app.
10. You can understand how to use the main functions through video.
11. Provide home screen widget (only for subscription version).

This app supports phones with built-in IR sensor to be used without a dongle. Phones without built-in IR sensor can be used with my remote control X dongle.

* If you have a built-in IR sensor:

Even if you do not have a separate device, you can play online it from the database and play online page provided by us.

In the configuration, the dongle type should be set to use IR built-in sensor.

(If you can not use LG phones, please upgrade to Lollipop and QRemote application must be installed).

* Without built-in IR sensor:
You need a remote control X dongle for transmission.

* If you want to create a separate remote control using key learning (recognition) for real remote control:
My remote control X dongle, which is a receivable device, is necessary regardless of the built-in IR sensor.

- Phone list with built-in IR sensor -
Samsung S4,5,6 Note3, 4 and LG g2,3,4,5, V10, V20, etc. can be used immediately without a dongle. Some Xiaomi phones are also available.
- Most modern phones do not have built-in IR sensors.

* Since we do not have the remote control you want to use, please send us your remote control and we will check it after input. Also, if you have a problem with your remote control, please send it to us. Most have been repaired to this day. Please use a lot.

Send to: 648 905 West Street, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (6th Daehung Techno Town) My Media
Phone: 02-866-1173 Postal Code: 08504

And if you have any other questions, please email us ([email protected]) and we will answer you.

Thank you.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game MyRemocon (IR Remote Control).


Developer: Mymedia

Recent changes: V4.27 to fix bugs
V4..22 to add function to prevent unauthorized access for security.
V3.84 to fix bug
V3.80 to improve functions.
V3.75 to fix bug
V3.73 to support USB dongle, Universal Remote Editting.
V3.56 to add remote control profile
V3.55 to improve temp reservation routine

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