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The MyFLIR app controls the integrated thermal camera on the Cat S61 smartphone.

The S61's embedded Lepton Thermal Microcamera Module, powered by FLIR, visualises heat that is invisible to the naked eye, highlighting temperature contrasts, and is accessed on the S61 via the specially designed MyFLIR thermal camera Android app. Key features include:

-Live streaming vie YouTube

-High temperature mode allows users to see objects up to 400 degrees Celsius

-Capture still thermal images, video, panoramas, and time lapses

-Images and videos are enhanced with FLIRs multi-spectral dynamic imaging technology (MSX) that embosses digital camera image data onto the thermal image to provide context and clarity

-Swipe between thermal and the corresponding visual spectrum saved images, making it easier to understand the thermal image

-Apply up to three movable spot meters and a fixed region of interest to read temperature data directly off the live image feed, or from saved images

-Switch between nine thermal colour palettes that visualise surface temperature contrasts differently, including modes to highlight just the highest and lowest temperature areas in the frame

-Select from four pre-set emissivity values and set custom temperature scales for thermal images

-Export radiometric JPEG images to apps including FLIR Tools, available for free, which offers additional image editing and analysis tools, temperature visualisations, and PDF reporting

-Can spot heat sources up to 100ft away, as well as seeing through obscurants like smoke.

*** Users experiencing problems with this app after upgrading the Android version on your Cat S61, please see these steps below to fix this issue:

1.\tBack up all your phone data first!
2.\tHold down the FLIR app icon and select App Info.
3.\tSelect Permissions and ensure that all permissions are enabled.
4.\tPress back button to return to the previous menu and select Storage.
5.\tSelect Clear Cache and exit the App Info menu.


(c) Copyright 2016, Bullitt Group Ltd. All rights reserved.

Marks and logos that appear here and within the MyFLIR app are used under license and/or with the consent of the respective rights holders.
"FLIR", "FLIR Systems", and the FLIR logo remain the property and trademarks of FLIR Systems Inc.
"Cat", "Caterpillar", and the Cat logo remain the property and trademarks of Caterpillar Inc.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game MyFLIR for Cat S61.


Developer: Bullitt Group Limited

Genre: Tools

App version: 2.2.13cat

App size: 22M

Recent changes: General stability improvements and bug fixes.


Stopped working from one day to the next. I cleared all the data and cache, force stopped it, restarted and nope! Still not working. Then I uninstalled the most previous update for the app, still not working. What a shame they couldn't keep it together to maintain the app. This DID not coincide with an Android update. It went from great to useless on a blink. I will keep coming back here to look for hoo

Stopped working once updated to android Pie (9). Contacted customer support, the following fix works but you will need to reset all your settings afterward and possibly the alignment 1. Go to Settings 2. Apps -> see all apps -> 3-dot menu in the top-right corner 3. Select "Show system apps" 4. Find the MyFLIR app 5. Click on the app -> Storage 6. Clear cache, clear data 7.Go back, click "Force stop" 8. Restart the device and test the functionality. This worked for my s61, hope it helps you too.

The FLIR option has stopped working and by the looks of the other reviews, I don't know when I can expect it to ever work again. This was the main reason for buying the phone in the first place, so I'm a bit disappointed with the phone and the FLIR never working.

App is great, except that I have to turn the temperature scale on *every time* - it used to come up by default on the S60 but now I have to manually turn it on every time.

Phone is officially 24 hours old. Just like everyone else the screen stays black after the blue bar finished loading. The flir worked greats on the S60. But this is garbage on the S61'

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