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Must, Should, Want is designed to boost productivity through the use of setting daily goals. Having a set list of goals offers many benefits to productivity, including: providing a clear focus, prioritising time and resources, and simplifying decision making while allowing more freedom of thought.

Each day, you will be asked to set three goals that you can accomplish on that day. The goals are divided into something you MUST do, something you SHOULD do, and something you WANT to do.

MUST: The must goal is a high-priority goal that must be done today and will have an immediate impact. An example might be paying the electric bill.

SHOULD: The should goal is not necessarily high-priority and won't have an immediate impact, but it will contribute to a longer term goal or plan. An example might be going to the gym for an hour.

WANT: The want goal is something that is meant to break up the tedium of day-to-day life. It is something you genuinely want to do that will make you happy. An example could be purchasing the newest album from your favorite musician.


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