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Morseit is a caller id program. When a call arrives on your phone, Morseit searches the contact name in the contact manager for the incoming number. If a contact is found, Morseit plays the contact name in Morse Code. If a contact is not found, the number is played.

Morseit can be used in two ways - 1. Keep your default ring tone (or silence it) and Morseit can play the caller id over it. 2. Morseit can create Morse ringtones on the fly when a call arrives. Second method allows you to use the full features of ringtone manager and you have to manually set Morseit as call alert tone from Android Ringtone Manager.

Morseit can create custom Morse ringtones for using with other applications and send short messages in Morse Code through applications like WhatsApp or email

Morseit provides option to preview and set audio frequency of the CW and speed in words per minute. Provides option for advanced users to set location where Moresit stores the ring tones. This option will also be useful in some older android versions.

Morseit can be set to start automatically when phone restarts. It can be started and stopped at will. If Morseit is force stopped or crashed by the OS or other programs, user intervention is required to restart Morseit or set another ringtone.

Morseit is designed to work with very minimal resources in terms of CPU and battery usage.

For more information and usage instructions, please visit

Note :1. Morseit looks into your contacts information only to retrieve contact name on incoming call.
2. Access to phone media content is only to create ringtone file and assign/modify ring tone to Morseit.


Only Cosmetic Changes.



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