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Learn Family and Feelings for kids is a free educational game for children between 1 to 4 years. This is a free limited version of the Montessori game.

Family members, whom they do not know, beset many kids. After the initial months of their birth, knowing their papa and mamma, it is time for them to get to know others. They are virtually spoon-fed with identities and relations that they share with many people. This gets them confused about their grandfathers, grandmothers, aunties, uncles, cousins, and the like.

Also, most kids do not know how to express an emotion with names. The youngest tiny tots start crying if things do not go their way, expressing anger, disappointment, resentment and many other emotions. Identifying emotion is also important for kids.

With the new app, Family relations and feelings, kids can understand their immediate family relations, connected to their parents. The app facilitates kids to understand the relations and the family tree. So the next time, someone from the family pops in, the kid is immediately going to feel a sense of belongingness with the person.
Also, if a kid is angry at something, having a visual motif like a smiley indicating anger will be a way out to understand emotion. Feelings are intensely personal and by getting a medium to convey emotion is a great way of expression for kids.

Kids can also play two types of fun memory games to test their learning.
No matter your kids are of the age of preschool, kindergarten or elementary school admission, this app will help you to teach them the basic concepts of learning and enhance their learning curves.
List of cool features:-
1. Clear modern user interface.
2. Extremely Easy to play!
3. Bright, clear and attractive graphics for kids learning and love
4. Very intuitive game flow, no need to guide them how to play.
5. Many items inside each category with pronunciation, for example inside feelings we can see expressions of crying, sad, happy, laughing and many more.
6. Easy customize settings
7. Human voice pronouncing name of each item
8. Following settings are available in app
a) Select the language (Available in English/Spanish/Hindi/French/Thai/ Portuguese/Russian/Chinese)
b) Turn on/off auto play (Slide show)
c) Turn off music
d) Turn of human pronunciation
e) Show/hide name of picture
App offers two fantastically designed games to learn.

1. Memory Game (Match me) :- The objective of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. Match all cards and we appreciate efforts by playing animations of balloons with encouraging appreciations.
2. Puzzle Game (Find me) :- This is simple yet effective game to recognize Montessori Family and Feelings by its pronunciation. We ask you to find a Montessori Family and Feelings by pronouncing Montessori Family and Feelings name, click on correct image to get next set of puzzle. If your kid does not click on correct image, that is fine, we will tell you name of Montessori Family and Feelings you clicked and we remove that Montessori Family and Feelings from list of Montessori Family and Feelings
We have designed game interface so elegantly that there is no way for a kid to get distracted and even we do not have much buttons or extra information on screen. As a result toddler has no way to get distracted and they can just focus on learning with fun.

Download Montessori Family and Feelings now and start your preschool age group kids’ learning at your home under your parental care. You will find this app perfectly handy tool for stepping in his/her world of learning with fun and entertainment unlimited.


Even easier to learn family and feelings for kids
Better pictures
reduced app size



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