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The thrill of the hunt is calling.

Get outside and embark on a global quest to track down and hunt some of the most formidable monsters from the Monster Hunter universe as they appear in our world. Forge powerful weapons and team up with fellow Hunters to track down larger-than-life monsters and take them head-on.

Move to Play: In Monster Hunter Now, youll need to head out the door and physically move to hunt monsters that have appeared in the real world.. Discover a variety of monsters depending on the habitat around you Forest, Desert or Swamp and engage in thrilling battles solo, or band together with fellow Hunters to take on these large monsters.

Mark Monsters even with your phone in the pocket: With Adventure Sync, you can use a Paintball to mark monsters while you explore your town and bring the monster hunting to your doorstep. As you explore, your Palico can mark passing monsters with Palico Paintballs, even while you arent actively playing, allowing you to return to them later, ensuring that the action never stops.

Weapon & Armor: With diverse weapon types available ranging from the Sword and Shield, to Hammers and Bows, youll need to collect materials, forge and upgrade your weapons and armors to defeat specific Monsters. As you take down monsters, you will receive materials that you can use to create stronger weapons and armors in order to hunt even more dangerous monsters. Collect resources such as Iron Ore & Monster Bone to forge powerful armor to defend against stronger monster attacks.

"Monster Hunter Now" a masterfully crafted adaptation of the original award-winning series adapts to your pace, offers exhilarating challenges, and can help you find a vibrant, global community of Hunters no matter where you live. Battle the most dangerous of monsters such as Rathalos and Diablos, with new monsters to be added down the road. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the Monster Hunter series or a newcomer ready to brave this new world, this is your call to adventure.

Join the hunt. Explore the world anew. Become the ultimate Monster Hunter, now!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Monster Hunter Now.


Developer: Niantic, Inc.

Recent changes: Dear Hunters,
Here is the latest update information!

Key Updates:
-Recovery items have been split into First-Aid Meds and Potions.
-In the Items accessed from the Main screen, you can now preview item effects before using them.
-New Palico outfits.
-Improved visuals when forging and overgrading Equipment.

*For more detailed update information, please visit the Support Community.

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