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Supercharge your productivity with our mobile app your ultimate action clock! Simply use our app for seamless remote and field commute, making your journey to and from work a breeze. Say goodbye to time-consuming logistics and embrace a streamlined experience like never before. Whether you're on the go or working remotely, our app keeps you in control, ensuring a smooth transition from office to home. Embrace the power of mobility and effortlessly manage your work schedule with our innovative app.
Any device. Anywhere. Best for SMEs or multinational organizations on attendance-recordings! Mobile Punch Clock!

Without buying punch clocks, employees mobile facilities are ones! Beyond clock in or clock out functions, inspire your staff with an easy and instant announcement on Mobile Punch Clock APP!

Fit any shift or time scheduling module, Mobile Punch Clock APP can manage attendance on in-house, out-of-office, staff centralized or dispersed ways; even work from home, freelancer can record on it.
GeneralOnly record the clock in/out time.
Fixed LocationCan only clock in/out within the specified GPS range.
GPSClock in/out and record the GPS location.
WIFIClock in/out in a specified WIFI range.

Mobile Punch Clock is multilingual, and now offer Chinese and English. Dont worry about your members time difference between New York and Tokyo, not only domestic employees, but also foreign employees, even scattered in different countries, can be fully applied.

1.Onboard a lot of employees every month? It is simple to get them up and running with only a minute explanation of how to use Mobile Punch Clock.
2.The check-in animation can be switched, and the interface is lively.
3.Set the state preset time, the system will automatically switch state
4.The check-in status setting is flexible, and the name can be defined by yourself.
5.Set abnormal time to control of abnormal attendance status of members instantly.
6.Multiple check-in methods (GPS/ Fixed Location / General /Wifi ), support different application types.
7.Instantly view the distribution of members' punch cards on the day.
8.Export Excel attendance reports at any time, which can be used as attendance records, comparison of leave data or salary calculation.
9.Provide an organization announcement function as a channel for instant contact with personnel.
10.Multilingual, cross-time zone multinational enterprises are also applicable.
11.The account is bound to the device to avoid personnel punching in on behalf of the card.
12.It can be grouped and managed for different personnel.
13.You can set the reminder message for punching the card yourself.

Mobile Punch Clock provides the function of customizing the status of the timecard. Check-in status that can be set by the organization administrator
Not only the basic states of going to work, leaving get off work, starting overtime, and ending overtime, you can also set it to start class, end class, sign in, sign out, or even arrive, leave, start work, end work, lunch break, meal, morning consultation, afternoon consultation, Late consultation...etc.

The system supports three different user roles (administrator/group administrator/ordinary member). All three roles can clock-in, view personal records, announcements, and set favorite check-in animations and messages. In addition, administrator and group administrator have more supervised functions:
Group administrator
1.View the attendance-recordings and exception of group members.
1.Manage organization user account information and number
2.Maintain the basic information of organization members and groups
3.Manage method and information of the management group
4.Set conditions of clock in.
5.View the attendance-recordings and exception of organized members.
6.Add punch-in records.
7. Export the total attendance report
8. Export personal attendance report
9. Setting announcements

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Mobile Punch Clock.


Developer: CyberStar Information Co., Ltd.

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