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Mister Midori

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Mister Midori - Lite.

You can play Mister Midori offline and single player. Its a casual minigame where you have to solve 99 logic levels. Several challenging features will make you hurry.

This is the predecessor of "Mrs. Midori", which is also available here.

The game concept is designed so that you can interrupt at any time and continue at another point in time. The entire game takes place offline. Mister Midori is therefore suitable as a casual game to fit in phases of boredom or waiting times.
No internet connection is required, no registration, no entering of personal data and no downloading of further files.
There are 99 tricky levels that can be solved using logic and skills.
In a labyrinth-like room there are several blue balls, which Mister Midori has to move to the designated places. However, it is important which ball you move in which order so that the path for the next necessary move will not be blocked.
If a ball has arrived, it will change its color. Midori is the Japanese word for green. A level is solved when all balls are green. This game idea is based on the 80s classic game "Sokoban".
However, this is made more difficult by various challenges such as teleporters (the character is beamed to another area of the level), magic walls (can only be walked through once and closes after a few seconds) or water (Mister Midori cannot swim and has to find a tricky way to get to the other side).
In addition, there is a certain time pressure due to various events. It may happen that in some places lava slowly spreads and destroys everything. Mister Midori is sometimes followed by an "evil animal". If he cannot run away, he must try to get rid of the pursuer with mines or bombs in the right places. Some levels are equipped with a countdown that must be deactivated in time.
Each level takes only a few minutes, depending on the level of difficulty. However, it is not always immediately obvious which is the right - and sometimes the only - solution. Very often you notice during gameplay that you have made the wrong decision and have to look for another solution. Therefore there is a restart-button in each level. You will probably need this frequently :-)
Mister Midori is kept in 80s retro style with its game mechanics, pixel art graphics and the matching soundtrack. Anyone with lucky memories of a C-64 or a Gameboy and enjoys tiny casual games will enjoy this.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Mister Midori - Lite.


Developer: Markus Kirnapci

Recent changes: added some secret levels

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