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This application is designed to use your patterns of sleep, exercise, and social interaction to give you personalized information about how much of these activities you need to be at your happiest. Each day, it will record your happiness level and the durations of these three activities, and compute what the optimal results should be for you. We focus more on the optimal durations for each user personally, rather than on any nationally decided standards of the best amount of sleep, exercise, and social interaction that a person should receive.

How it works:

Every morning at 8 am, this app will ask how much you slept last night; every evening at 8 pm, this app will ask you how much you exercised during the day; and periodically throughout the day, this app will ask you what your current happiness is on a scale from 1 to 5 and compute an average happiness level for the whole day. Overnight, the app uses the data you entered throughout the day to recompute the optimal values in order to make sure that they are up to date based on how you are currently doing. Initially, the app is loaded with preset data, but the more you use the app, the more personalized it will become and the more it will be able to learn about what makes you happy.

Other Features:

Predictions - you can input how much sleep, exercise, and social interaction you plan to have during the day, and it will compute a rough estimate of how happy you would be on a scale from 1 to 5.

Recommendations - throughout the day, as you record how much you slept or exercised, you can see how much more the app recommends that you sleep or exercise. Social interaction is inferred automatically* and by pressing the recommend button, you will be able to see how much longer you should remain in an environment of social interaction.

Graphs - as you use the app, you will be able to see two types of graphs that can visualize your data. The bar graphs give an idea of how much each activity is correlated with your happiness. The line graphs represent how your data for happiness, social interaction, sleep, and exercise has fluctuated throughout the last 14 days.

*Social interaction is inferred through our partner app, Dartmouth Biorhythm, developed by Professor Andrew Campbell of Dartmouth College. It uses the microphone to determine the start and end of distinct periods of conversation, but does not record the content of any conversation. Therefore, social interaction, for the purposes of this app, is defined as being near places where conversation is occurring, not necessarily whether you yourself are the person who is socializing. There is a link within the app to enable the functionality of Dartmouth Biorhythm and to learn more about that app, visit the following web page:


* Added optional vibrations that will go off along with automatic data requests
* Improved stability of automatic and manual data requests
* Added extra permissions to improve functionality of background service
* Minor bug fixes
* Originally designed for Android Jelly Bean (version 4.1+), but added compatibility support for Android devices above Gingerbread (version 2.3.3).



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