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Play this online game named ManyIn1.

If you want any feature in this app you can mail, our developer team will develop for you, you can simply update the app, with free of cost we can get your requested feature..
The application is pin protected..if any body got your mobile then after changing SIM card the application won't login even
after entering right pin.

You can change application pin any time,Nobody can't see pin inside the app because it is hash generated pin.


You can record all incoming & out going calls. While talking also you can enable or disable call recording.


Which you maintain your contacts as relationships.
- Change the mobile number no need to inform any of your contact...just update the contact info in SmartDialer that's it.

- You can 'dial to others relation without asking them for their number,You can set the visibility of yours and your relations to others.


Beaware of public wifi network - You can save your confidential data which is encrypted with complex algorithm so that no body can't see your confidential data from your phone.


It will send your all info like location details,voice recording and call & SMS history to your friends when you are in dangerous situation.


It will send SMS and Missed call information to your mail id when you forgot to take your mobile.

Track Expenses:

You can track your expenses on category basis and on duration basis with attracting user interface.

Locate Friends/Family members:

Locate your family members or friends on google map in real time.

Send Confidential Message (Full encrypted end to end):

You can send any confidential data over the air, it won't go to normal inbox it will directly go inside the application. Once you logged in then only you will be able to see the confidential message.

Share Contact via QR Code:

You can share the contacts to near by people which avoids wrong entering numbers.

QRCode scanning:

You can scan QR codes.

Flash light:

Very nice on/off switch effect flash light.

Last but not least facebook integrated.




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