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Mandal Sangrah

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In this app, we have given information about the Peeth, Mandal and their deities to be constructed in rituals, we have tried to get all the Mandalas and their deities at one place in this app. With this app, you will get facility in Mandal construction and Deity Sthapana.

In this app

Index for Devta Avahanam

-Ganesh Avahanam
-Shodash Matrika Avahanam
-Saptagrhit Matrika Avahanam
-Yogini Avahanam
-Shrimad Bhairav Avahanam
-Kshetrapal Avahanam
-Vastu Mandal Devta Avahanam
-Prasadvastu Devta Avahanam
-Sarvatobhadra Mandal Avahanam
-Lingatobhadra Mandal Avahanam
-Asitangbhairav Avahanam
-Gouritilak Mandal Devta Avahanam
-Grahmandla Devta Avahanam

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Mandal Sangrah.


Developer: Trishakti Spiritual

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