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Can't beat the new virus in reality? Let's try to defeat the virus in the game!
Mad Virus is a single-player, dynamic 2D game about a very common theme: viruses!

You are a cell in an organism. A new virus has penetrated it and wants to infect everything here! But for this he needs to infect the cell first. The task is to prevent this from happening!
The virus cannot be defeated on your own, you cannot interact with almost anything, so you will have to use what you get in an endless organism.
Fight the virus in an unusual way! Use bonuses, look for new locations, defeat new mutated viruses, pump up your cell, accumulate chromosomes and prevent the virus from infecting the body!

How to play?
The goal of the game is to destroy as many viruses as possible and prevent yourself from being infected. For each virus destroyed, chromosomes and experience are accumulated. Experience is needed to level up. For increasing the level, a new virus is opened and some chromosomes are given. Chromosomes are needed for pumping cells, bonuses and other delights in the game.

How to move?
The invisible joystick in the left half of the screen is used to control the cage. To control the block setting point - the joystick in the right half of the screen.

How to eliminate the virus?
There are 2 types of blocks in the game: solid and poisonous.
Hard blocks do not allow viruses to pass through themselves, have a limited life and health. Upon contact with a virus, the block is deprived of health, after which the block is destroyed.
Poisonous blocks let viruses pass through themselves. But, if the virus hits the block, the virus and the block are damaged. As soon as the health of the virus is completely lost, the virus is destroyed. Also with blocks and a cage.

How to prevent a cell from infecting?
The advantage of the cell is that it does not physically interact with anything; this must be taken into account. Upon contact with a virus, health is taken away from the cell. As soon as there is no health left, the cell dies and the game ends. In order not to let the virus approach you, you can use solid blocks, a bonus shield, and the like. To restore cell health, you can find a donor cell (a bonus in the form of a red plus).

Where to find bonuses?
Bonuses are located in various locations. To find a new location, you need to sail far enough from the old location.

How to level up?
To pump, for example, a cell, you need to accumulate enough chromosomes for this. As soon as the chromosomes accumulate, an alert will be sent about the availability. Clicking on the alert will open information about the pumping. The cost of pumping can be understood by the green picture of the chromosome and by filling in the yellow arrow. The more the arrow is filled, the less is left to save.

Have a good game!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Mad Virus.


Developer: Krivodeling

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