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Love puzzles

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Love puzzles -.

Eight classic puzzle games collection, tens of thousands of levels, if you are a puzzle game enthusiast, you do not have to install a separate app for some kind of gameplay, we provide you with the game family bucket service.

1: fill the box
Click on the start location to fill all locations, not missing
2: a connection point
Touch the starting position, connect all the numbers in order, all the squares must pass, can not be missed
3: a stroke shape
Starting from any point, a stroke passes through all the paths and cannot be repeated or omitted (some paths can only move in the specified direction)
4: connected to the same color
all paths can not be missed, can not cross
5: Exchange block
Sliding the screen, swap two adjacent squares, only up and down, left and right exchange, horizontal or vertical to achieve 3 or more elimination, eliminate all squares by a fixed number of exchanges
6: merge box
Slide up, down, left, and right, and the same number of squares merge into a larger number, challenging bigger numbers.
7: Push the box
Move a few squares to the target point, each square has a moveable number, and only move to the target if the number of moveables is used up.
8: Over the mountain cannon
Skip the adjacent squares to the empty space, the skipped squares will disappear, and the last one will pass.

More games, stay tuned....

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Love puzzles -.


Developer: 休闲益智小站

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