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Search it, remind it, test it. Leminder is a dictionary-reminder app that helps users to remind or learn unknown words quickly. This app is maden for English learners. You can search for a word, you can add this word to your Leminder. You can start a quiz to increase your points. Leminder counts your points and if you reach 5 points for a word then you don't need this word in your Leminder anymore.

Leminder keeps you up-to-date. When you find an unknown word, you should add this word to your Leminder. You can take the quiz to practise your unknown list. When you keep practising, it will help you to gain knowledge on unknown words. You will expand your vocabulary.

Leminder is a three-step app for English learners. First step is searching. In Leminder, there is a dictionary which provide English dictionary of words. You can search for a word and get the meaning of that word. Second step is reminding. In dictionary part, you can add the word your Leminder list. This list consist of unknown words that the user added from the dictionary. You can use this list as a reminder. You can check daily before going sleep and this will jog a users memory. Last step is testing. You can test your memory with taking a quiz. In this quiz, questions are taken from users Leminder list. Taking the quiz is another way to practicing. For each word, you need to get 5 point. When you reach 5 point for a word this shows that you learnt the word.

Keep learning with Leminder.

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Developer: Umut Geyik

Recent changes: First release.

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