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Laser Pointer Simulated 100 2 X Beams Red Blast play online

Free play online Laser Pointer Simulated 100 2 X Beams Red Blast APK

Laser Pointer Simulated 100 2 X Beams Red Blast

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Play this online game named Laser Pointer Simulated 100 2 X Beams Red Blast.

Laser pointer simulated 100 2 X beams red blast, a super fun app that contains a laser pointer simulator. Let your kids play the laser pointer simulated without worrying about the damage that a real laser pointer could cause in their eyes. Also enjoy the mini game included, which will allow the user getting coins to get new features for the laser pointer.

*** Disclaimer: This is just laser pointer simulated on the screen of your mobile device, phone or tablet. Don’t think this a real laser pointer, nor think that a real laser light will come out of your phone through the camera. ***

The first time you use this laser pointer simulator app, there is a laser pointer that you can use from the very first moment. Instructions and recommendations about how to use the laser pointer are given in different parts of this free game. To make the laser ray flowing, just tap on the laser pointer. Clicking repeated times on it shall provide you with plenty of coins, which will help you unlock the strobe light feature. Initially the stroboscopic light feature is locked, but getting coins is one part of what the player needs in order to achieve unlocking this awesome feature. The faster you tap on the laser pointer, the more coins and bonus you get. Tap as fast as you can, or keep your finger on top of the laser pointer during 20 seconds, that way, the player charges the energy of the laser pointer to the maximum until a red blast happens, simulating the screen of your mobile device getting broken and simulating electric shocks wherever you tap on the screen of your phone or tablet. Click on the back button of your device to continue playing this free game.

There are some other ways to increase the number of coins, as for example: passing levels on the mini game you can find as part of this game, sharing on social networks, downloading more games or watching videos. All these ways to augment the rewards are found in several screens of the laser pointer simulated app.

The mini game is essential in the laser pointer simulator game. The player needs to pass at least 35 levels in order to get the super feature of the strobe light. So, just playing the mini game is enough to achieve unlocking it. Every level the user passes, 10 free coins of reward to increase the counter of coins. The mini game is so fun. The goal is to put all the left squares on the imaginary circumference where the squares that rotate around the big central square are. Each time the user taps on the screen, a small square is thrown against the central square. Every level follows a pattern of movements, so if the player finds a difficult level, the best way to pass it is memorizing the pattern of moves., so the small squares can be thrown in a wise way. Some features of the mini game:
One tap game play. Just one tap is enough to throw a small square to the central square.
Minimalistic design. Simple and fun can go along together.

We hope you enjoy and get fun playing the laser pointer simulated 100 2 X beams red blast. We would be happy to improve the laser pointer simulator app with your help and according to what the users would like to have in the coming versions. We would appreciate your feedback through ratings, comments or emails.




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